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Business ISDN2 Line Rental

BT Price £31.00 Our Price: £26.99

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Cheap ISDN2 Line Rental  


By simply joining or switching to Tycoon Telecom for your business ISDN2 line rental you will instantly be saving 20% on line rental charges when compared to BT. We pride ourselves with outstanding customer service and can offer your business a dedicated account manager for any problems or questions that may arise, this means you will not have to spend your time in queues listening to hold music trying to resolve a problem or question you may have.

We aim to identify where we can make significant savings for your business by identifying what services and features you need and discounting those service prices in order to save you even more money. We have discounted our rates & slashed our profits in order to win your business with no compromise to your existing service levels or features.



ISDN2 Line Rental Features  

  • Only £26.99 per month

  • Save 20% on ISDN2 line rental when compared to BT

  • You can transfer any existing BT lines

  • BT OpenReach will continue to maintain & repair your business phone line

  • Full range of ISDN line features and services
  • Free online web billing

Do you have a high call spend?

If you are expecting or already have a high call spend we will create a unique rate card especially designed for your business. We will identify where we can save you the most money and discount those areas in order to reduce you call spend. So if your monthly spend if greater than £200 per month on calls please call us on 0208 123 9913 and we will provide you with a quotation.

ISDN2 Line Rental Prices

Tycoon Telecom charge £26.99 per line rental per month excluding VAT and each ISDN2 line includes 2 channels. When compared to BT that is a 20% discount on standard ISDN2 line rental rates. For more information on ISDN2 line rental please contact us on 0208 123 9913.


New Business ISDN2 line Installations

We offer the flexibility to be able to transfer any existing business lines you may already have, but we can also arrange for new business line installations. BT OpenReach will install a brand new business ISDN2 line on our behalf to ensure your exact requirements are fulfilled. For a new standard ISDN2 installation with (2 channels) will cost £269 excluding VAT. For new installations or special requirements please contact us on 0208 123 9913.

ISDN2 Benefits & Features

ISDN2 business lines are best suited to small business offices as it is a 2 channel digital line voice and data service. This line will allow you to connect up to 8 digital devices and receive or make 2 calls at once. The ISDN2 business line also allows you to have a broadband connection on this line. The 2 channel ISDN2 circuit costs pretty much the same as2 analogue phone lines in comparison but the ISDN2 circuit offers much higher quality in calls and allows more flexibility when routing your calls.

ISDN2 Lines

There are two different types of ISDN2 lines that we can offer you;

  • Digital System – This system will support line hunting and point to point working

  • Digital Standard – This system supports point to multi-point working.

Both of the two options above come with one main telephone number and 2 channels. The Digital System allows you to add additional channels in multiples of 2 up to a maximum of 30. You can transfer any existing ISDN2 lines with no transfer charge and should be able to keep your existing telephone number. You can also use ISDN lines to conduct video confrencing which will allow you to have meetings face to face saving you time and money 

ISDN2 Care Levels

Standard Care – Level 1  

Care Level 1 only operates during working hours (9am-5pm hours Monday – Friday excluding Public and Bank Holidays). We pride ourselves in customer service and will allocate you a dedicated account manager to report faults to. We aim to respond to any faults received before 5pm within 24 hours. If you report a fault outside normal working hours we will treat is as if we had received it the next working day.  

Total Care – Level 3

We charge for the service Total Care as it operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and this will include Bank and Public Holidays. We will aim to respond to any faults received within 6 hours of receipt of a fault problem.