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Business Phone Line 

BT Price £14.87 Our Price: £12.49

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Business Telephone Line


When you join Tycoon Telecom you can enjoy business landline and business fax line prices at the low cost of £12.49 per month. When you compare our price against BT business line rental you will instanly be saving £2.38 per line every month.


Our business phone service is one of the best in the industry and we are proud to provide outstanding customer service and aim to identify exactly what services and features you require. We offer some of the lowest call rates when compared to the leading telecommunication providers with our local & national calls from 1.5p per minute.



Low cost business calls & broadband


We give you total flexibility that will allow you to specifically design a calling tariff that will allow you to enjoy cheap business calls and save you up to 85% when compared to BT. We also offer you cheap international calls from as little as 3p per minute. You can combine this tailor made tariff with the business broadband package that you may require to create your own bundle.


We can analyse your current phone bills to identify what the majourity of calls your business makes and discount the areas that will benefit your business the most. We are happy to discount our rates in order to win your business and provide you with the service you need.



Your own dedicated account manager


When joining Tycoon Telecom you will have your own dedicated account manager to help with any questions or problems that may arise for the term of your contract. Your account manager will regularly make reviews on your account to ensure you are constantly getting the cheapest deals & offers from us on you broadband, business phone calls & business mobiles.


We know that as your business continues to grow your requirements may change and you may require assistance with finding a new office phone system or buying new phone equipment, it may even be something as simple as another cheap business phone line, whatever it may be your account manager will be able to help. You will also be able to keep your existing telephone numbers and you will not have to make any changes to your existing telecom equipment.



Why should I choose Tycoon Telecom for my business line rental?

  • Save £2.38 per line every single month when compared to BT,

  • BT OpenReach will continue to maintain & repair your business phone line  

  • Transfer your existing BT line

  • Simple and easy transfer

  • Keep the same business telephone number and service

  • New line installation available

  • Full range of landline features and services

  • Local & national calls from as little as 1.5p per minute



New business line installation


As your small business telecoms provider we can offer you a discounted rate for a new line install for only £99.99 when compared to BT's £127.99 new line installation price. A new line installation will be carried out by a BT OpenReach engineer as they maintain the network, this allows you to pay reduced line rental whilst still recieving exactly the same quality you may already be accustomed to. 



We have direct access to the BT OpenReach’s system which means we can book new phone line installations, allocate numbers, report line faults and conduct site surveys. All of this can be done at the touch of a button and this will give your business the service and flexibility you need. 



ISDN Lines


ISDN 2 phone line & ISDN 30 phone lines are also available at a discounted rate when compared to BT. These lines are widely compatible with majority of phone systems. To find out more about ISDN lines please click the ISDN link.



Business line features & care options

Tycoon Telecom can also provide a comprehensive range of maintenance care options the same as BT Retail. We also provide a full range of line services.

Care Level 1

Care Level 2

Care Level 3